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October 22 2017





I just saw a guy using a flip phone. Its 2015

you just saw a drug dealer

my sister uses a flip phone instead of a smart phone so she pays more attention to the people around her instead of staring at a screen all day. people dont realize how much they actually use their smartphones instead of listening and talking to the people around you.

I hate to break it you, but your sister is a fucking drug dealer
Wake up and smell the marijuana

October 21 2017


You know what’s punk?

Making shows accessible. ♿

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For the month of October ‘til Halloween, my dad changes up the scene of these 2 skeletons on his front porch each day for the neighbors to check out. Very creative!

Peaceful times before the skeleton war

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Actually, This is how the webcam was invented. 

At Cambridge University, they were sick of checking the coffee pot level, so Quentin Stafford-Frasier wrote client software for a greyscale 128x128 camera hooked up to an acorn archemedes computer.  Paul Jardetzky wrote the server program.


Technology always comes full circle.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

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ENTER the gourd cave, give him tribute.


The concept of “pregaming” is so weird to me. Why is it called that? What’s the point?

Our intrepid reporter Meghan Roche will be infiltrating the ranks and reporting her findings, news at 11.

holy shit when i made this post on this day in 2012 it was actually one of the first times i ever got drunk? i was really confused about a lot of things then that i am still confused about now (but accept because they are fun & make parties bearable)


me: *scares myself to the point where I can’t even function because of the anxiety I have created over a situation*

the situation: *works out fine*

me: oh


just sent in a cover letter for a job promising i wouldn’t stink up an office or play shitty music. i’m thinking my odds of getting an interview are 3 to 1, what do u think?

update: my interview is on Tuesday

October 20 2017

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Here it is: Best stuff first

Extremely handy if you follow a lot of people and hate missing anything good. 

Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm!—right up to the top. 

It’s rolling out this week on iOS and Android, and comes with this Help Center article.  

Thanks! ✌️

Head’s up folks! Tumblr decided to shit the bed and go non-chronological!

This bullshit is being rolled out this week and it’s going to be default!



what if you could ban people from a store in real life the same way you ban someone in a video game server like some dude just starts yelling FUCK over and over in mcdonalds and then suddenly he’s just gone

given enough time millenials will unconsciously independently rewrite twilight zone episodes on tumblr like the monkeys with shakespeare on typewriters

October 19 2017

just sent in a cover letter for a job promising i wouldn’t stink up an office or play shitty music. i’m thinking my odds of getting an interview are 3 to 1, what do u think?

October 18 2017

there are plenty of things i don’t love about myself BUT i did respond to a dude’s thinking he was crushing my spirit or w/e with essentially a “k cool byeee ps you can’t spell” so like. shit could be worse, right?


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what’s your favorite “turn your brain off” movie?

October 17 2017







work it harder

make it better

do it faster

makes us Lobster

dudes on FB being like “me too” and “I believe you” when they in fact have been predatory and creepy…making me a lil ill…

October 15 2017

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me @ everyone

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