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May 13 2018


can you imagine being 26 years old and in marketing and you want to settle down with a rich stupid man who’s crazy about you and you FIND a divorcee who hasn’t talked to his ex in over a decade and has a very forgiving custody arrangement that would easily enable boarding school and is willing to MARRY you after a SIX TO EIGHT WEEK SUMMER ROMANCE with NO PRENUP and then his brat kid comes back from summer camp and it turns out his ESTRANGED OTHER TWIN DAUGHTER came back from camp and they hijack your entire life and put a lizard on you and then your hot old man ditches you for his hot mess of an ex WHO DESIGNED… THE CUSTOM WEDDING DRESS YOU HAD ALREADY PAID FOR. truly. a roller coaster summer…. all that scheming WASTED

May 11 2018

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Why You Do This



how the tables have turned… now it is cat who give a smooche


May 10 2018



1st Grade Teacher: The Natives taught us to grow crops and we all had thanksgiving! 

6th Grade: we might have kicked the Natives off their land, and for that we are so sorry.

Me: but did you mur-

Teacher: you’ll learn that in high school

12th grade: We killed that one Native and we are so sorry, but the BUFFALOS, WE WERE DICKS FOR THAT!!

College: It was genocide.

this…is accurate

May 09 2018

do i WISH i knew how to become a less abrasive person? SURE. does that mean i’m going to figure out how to DO this seemingly simple thing at any point in the next…idk, 5 years or so? PROB NOT

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May 08 2018

unexpectedly got the afternoon & evening off & i just wandered downtown in a daze for an hour or two trying to remember what i used to do when i had free time! felt weird yo

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If it’s the right choice for you, it’s the right choice for you—don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. At the end of the day, they are your decisions to make and your consequences to live with, whether good, bad, or in-between. If you let yourself be stopped from going after your dreams by fear of failure, fear of disappointing your family, fear of what others might think, you will ALWAYS be left wondering “what if”…and not only will you have you cheated yourself out of the chance to live your fullest, freest life; you actually cheat THE WORLD out of whatever gifts and talents you were put here to share! So, go ahead. You know what you need to do.
P.S. And hey, you know that “realistic” life plan? The “safe” college major and “practical” career choice? It’s not even going anywhere. If you come to a point in your life where you feel it’s time to change course or try something different, you’re allowed to do that too. 😘


Guys not to start any drama today but like when fiona apple said ‘how can i ask anyone to love me when all i do is ask to be left alone’ 

May 07 2018

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catch me speeding down the highway blasting tainted love in this dream vehicle

May 05 2018




you think you can stop me from lick plastique bag ?

you don’t know me then

go ahead call the cops see if im care

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$2,500,000/5 br/5100 sq ft/built in 1895

Savannah, GA

this is beautiful and also clearly haunted as fuck

May 04 2018




Getting home safely

May 02 2018

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May 01 2018

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girlfriend goals

April 29 2018

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