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January 30 2018

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Julie Manet with cat, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (detail)

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Back when Epcot was EPCOT Center

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The Indianapolis Star, Indiana, April 13, 1956

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January 27 2018


ellen degeneres is turning 60 years old this week and i’m not sure how to process that information like…. i never knew how old she was and i never really thought about that fact that she has an age…. i feel like she just exists on this planet as an ageless entity

January 26 2018



In the modern idiom:

“So Bob said […]” indicates that I am directly quoting Bob.

“Then Bob was like […]” indicates that I am paraphrasing Bob.

“And Bob was all […]” indicates that I am paraphrasing Bob, and additionally I am being a dick about it.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s fantastic that we have a specific grammatical convention for that.

What I find most frustrating is when people don’t understand this! I don’t know if it’s a generation thing, but sometimes I’ll be talking and say “So I was like “are you fucking kidding me” and the person will look at me all horrified and say “you didn’t actually say that, did you?”

I said LIKE heidi keep up jesus

January 25 2018

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Neko Atsume x Poets and philosophers through history

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Concentrate to the Quiet by Dennis DeHart, 2013

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Seattle, Washington
November 2017

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Fun facts with Wishbone

January 14 2018


tomorrow my parents leave Paris and we all check out of the hotel and I will start traveling alone and I’m so fucking scared

the day after I posted this my paternal grandma died! and my mother called me a selfish piece of shit! and I then somehow i made some friends!

almost tried to come home early a few times. Discovered I literally could not afford to (last minute transatlantic flights are hella expensive as it turns out) and kept going.

in the time since I have toured Edinburgh castle, climbed (almost) all of Arthur’s seat, stayed in 5 hostels, petted a highland cow, helped someone through a divorce, walked a TON, read 4 books and 2 plays, saw a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company, saw the room shakespeare himself was born in, tried many varieties of meat pies, visited many weird and beautiful museums, made out with an englishman in a thousand-year-old city, made friends with a dozen Dutch bartenders, spent a shitload of money, and am about to tour a freakishly prestigious university city that was established in the 12th century.

sure sounds cool when I write it out like that! though, honestly, I’m very very ready to go home. still have a little over a week to go, though, so I’ll do my best to make the most of it–tomorrow I go to London and spend a few nights there, and after that I’m staying at a beachside hostel 20 miles outside of Amsterdam for 4 nights before heading home. when I get home I will sleep forever and ever and then wake up to see friends and theatre and all of the tv and movies I have missed and go back to work and try to sort through everything i’ve experienced and dealt with in the last….well, lifetime.

maybe i’ll talk to my mom. dunno yet. but for once (and maybe the physical distance is helping a lot with this) I genuinely feel okay and capable of not giving into her crazy and manipulation and guilt! I’ve been lucky enough to have a great support system through this which has helped too.

I miss my grandma. and I miss the rest of my family and they’re important to me. but I also know that I can do right by then and still be capable of standing and moving on my own, for the most part. Not a bad thing to learn when you’re 23, I guess.

January 03 2018

tomorrow my parents leave Paris and we all check out of the hotel and I will start traveling alone and I’m so fucking scared

December 29 2017

December 20 2017

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LUBBOCK, TX—Placing the remainder well out of sight where he wouldn’t be tempted, local man Ben Hart told reporters Wednesday that he finally managed to stop himself after eating three advent calendars. “I said I’d only eat one, but these things are so addicting that I just started popping them in my mouth without thinking,” said Hart, adding that while he felt a little sick after scarfing down the Lindt chocolates from two Santa’s workshop advent calendars, he couldn’t help but immediately move on to a calendar shaped like a Christmas tree. “Something about little chocolates behind little windows just makes me into some kind of animal. If I don’t stop myself, I could easily eat a couple dozen of these things.” At press time, a frenzied Hart had devoured the entire contents of a Nativity-themed advent calendar in under two minutes.

December 19 2017


Director: Can we have this insanely specific sound effect that you absolutely are going to have to custom record?

*four minutes later* Hey is that ready to go yet?




A lot of adulthood is shouting “AUGH MY LAUNDRY” hours after you put it in the washer/dryer and running to go fetch it

oh shit my laundry

reblog to save someone’s laundry

October 22 2017





I just saw a guy using a flip phone. Its 2015

you just saw a drug dealer

my sister uses a flip phone instead of a smart phone so she pays more attention to the people around her instead of staring at a screen all day. people dont realize how much they actually use their smartphones instead of listening and talking to the people around you.

I hate to break it you, but your sister is a fucking drug dealer
Wake up and smell the marijuana

October 21 2017


You know what’s punk?

Making shows accessible. ♿

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For the month of October ‘til Halloween, my dad changes up the scene of these 2 skeletons on his front porch each day for the neighbors to check out. Very creative!

Peaceful times before the skeleton war

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